Australian Country Towns – Capel, Western Australia

I’ve noticed on the last few occasions travelling through these small country towns that the Councils have been doing their best to spruce them up and bring them back to life. The efforts have been so worthwhile making these small towns worth a stop or even a night’s stay.

We recently stopped at Capel for a coffee break on our way back from Dunsborough and we had a lovely walk up and down the high street, reading signs, looking at murals and enjoying a coffee in a quirky cafe.

The Capel area was originally inhabited by the Wardandi Noongar people. It was then established as a town in 1897. Historically Capel was a farming area, mostly dairy and beef. Nowadays it is very popular for hobby farms, including alpacas.

There was a real sense of community in this small town with lots going on and there was not a leaf out of place.

Capel Library

Once upon a time in a town called Capel,
I looked through the branches and guest what I saw,
Hidden deep in the Tuart Forest there was a Eucalyptus
Under the bridge by the river there lived a …pultenaea skinneri (Skinner’s Pea)

We didn’t dare venture inside, imagining a butcher with a meat cleaver dripping in blood and a rifle under his arm.

Artist – Erin Rafferty

Stepping back in time!

Mosaic Mural with phrases from the local primary school children

Mother Horse and Foal sculptures outside the vets

I imagine this event would be well attended and everyone knowing each other. It would be like one big party, such fun.

Well that’s all folks and I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk along Capel High Street with me. There was so much more to see but not enough time. I will definitely be stopping here again.

I’m linking this post to PPAC hosted by Marsha and Jo’s Monday Walk.


  1. How lovely! Isn’t it great when creativity and community collide. Love the church and bell tower too, beautifully rustic. I’ll just gloss over the butcher and his offer of, ‘custom kill’ though, ha ha! I imagine he does quite well from hobby farmers, perhaps?

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  2. I love this Ali! The butcher does look pretty fierce. Similar to the “Soup Nazi” on Seinfeld – the Butcher Nazi. I’m not going to make a false move if I ever go there. I don’t think I can make the big event, though. Thanks for linking to PPAC, Ali. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Capel looks like a lovely town! Public art is always one of my favorite things to see when visiting a place. The fact that the town comes together for fun events would make it a nice place to live. Thanks for sharing your walk with us, Ali!

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  4. I always love intimate towns full of local art, which Capel seems to deliver handsomely. A very warm article Alison, I think my favourite photo is the one with the frog/wine bottles and kid quotes.

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