~ The Changing Seasons – Springing into September 2022 ~

September in this part of the world heralds the beginning of Spring and the hopes of warmer weather. Although there wasn’t much sun about in the first week of September, torrential rain as I recall. I’ve had a pretty busy month with days out at vineyards and aquariums, a concert, the cinema and of course Bridge.

I visited AQWA, a storied aquarium featuring a walk-through underwater tunnel & interactive touch pool, with my daughter and the munchkins for a lovely morning. So much excitement running from one tank to another. I remember taking Elena and Laurence when we first arrived in Australia at ages 9 and 12.

Lunch in the cafe after and then of course a visit to the shop!

The same weekend I bought tickets for Anthony and myself for a “Stevie Wonder” tribute band. I had the best evening singing and dancing away with half of the audience. We both got an absolute soaking walking back to the car after.


We had a family day out at a winery one Sunday. Oakover on the Lake is a great one for kids as there is a playground and a small “beach” at the edge of the lake. I noticed one pedal boat on the lake and people queueing for it! Anyway Lachie and Rose were very patient waiting their turn and everyone was mindful not to take too long for their go.

Rosie turned two in September and we had a small celebration for her. What an amazing wonderful little girl she is. Having suffered through her first year with severe silent reflux and being tube fed, she is now thriving and the cheekiest cutest girl in the world.

“The champagne’s not mine”

I had an afternoon cinema date with friends and dinner after, always a treat. We saw Ticket to Paradise with Julia Roberts and George Clooney. A feel good fluffball of a movie, set in Bali. We all enjoyed it, how can you not with those two in it.

Delicious dishes from a Thai restaurant

Evening walks with Anthony and the two boys along the river, watching a glorious sunset.

And so to Bridge! I played with a new lady this month and we partnered in a competition which ran for two Tuesdays. We were both surprised to come fourth out of 24, so feeling quite pleased with myself. She then invited me to play at her golf club, Bridge that is, not golf! This was a treat indeed, as the club has the best views and is very exclusive! I had a marvellous afternoon chatting with all these fit and active 70 and 80 year old women, so inspiring.

Views over the city and ocean, a perfect way to spend an afternoon, especially with a chilled white wine at the end!

Posted as part of Ju-Lyn of Touring my Backyard challenge of The Changing Seasons.

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  1. Give or take a bit of rain- and we all need that- it sounds like a marvellous month, Ali. The children are all adorable and it must be great to be able to spend so much time with your family.

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  2. A lovely fun filled month Alison. I would have enjoyed singing along at the Stevie Winder tribute concert too! Enjoy springtime, as you can imagine we’re approaching the time to dig out our scarves, jumpers and winter coats!

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  3. Such a wonderful post, Alison πŸ‘ Looks like you had a great time with your family; love all the watery sunset shots πŸ˜ƒ

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  4. What a nice “spring into September” you had! We are in the process of preparing for fall, though our temperatures are still around 90 degrees F. You have the most adorable babies and you are so fortunate to live close by them. We are in the Dallas airport at the moment on the way to see three of our grandbabies in Alabama! Happy Spring to you, Ali!

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