~ Hometown Tourist or Worldwide Traveller ~

To stay near or go far that is the question that Terri from Second Wind Leisure is asking this week for the Sunday Stills Challenge.

For me it will always be to travel far and hopefully on a plane to somewhere exotic. But any kind of travelling is okay, as long as it involves a suitcase and a new destination. I love the planning stage of a trip and normally by the end of it I know the place inside out! Sometimes I’ve completely changed my mind after sifting through reviews and images of the destination I had in mind.

During the two year “lockdown” that Australia had – no-one in and no-one out – only the most extenuating circumstances accepted, we did a few “home” trips. By that I don’t mean staying in the house but actually exploring Western Australia. Western Australia was the most locked in state, we couldn’t even travel to anywhere in Australia.

We did most of this travelling in the South West of Western Australia and tried to go to towns that we had never been before, although one trip was to Kalgoorlie which is 600 km east of Perth.

I have written posts about most of these mini-breaks but here’s a gallery of some of the photos.

Mini Breaks – 2020

2020 was also the last year that my parents would visit us, so Covid was good in the fact that they had to stay for five months and not their normal three! My nephew was also visiting and we had some wonderful days out.

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”

Away somewhere in the World


  1. Like you I’m always happiest when I have my suitcase packed and I’m off to explore a new part of the world! And I too love the planning phase 🙂 But the pandemic showed most of us that we can find fun things to do and places to see closer to home if necessary.

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  2. Yep, I like that last quote, too (I almost used it myself), Ali! While traveling abroad is so sought-after, I’m sure it was nice to explore your own areas. Australia is such a destination, I’m sure you enjoyed checking out the sights like a local! Probably the only good thing about the pandemic restrictions is that many of us took this option. I enjoy planning our road trips and securing reservations at the KOA campgrounds along the way, Plans do change though, so flexibility is a good thing! Great post to show your area!

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  3. We absolutely love the planning and research stage…all a big part of the fun and stimulation of travel. Love buying a big “old school” map, laying it out on the floor and poring over it as we plan our routes. One if the best things about going home is starting to plan the next one!

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  4. I also love the planning part of travel. I currently have a nine-page itinerary for our upcoming week-long road trip. Your stay at home travels look like they were wonderful. Maybe someday we can come to visit some of your national parks.

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