🎨 Art and About in Subiaco, Western 🎨Australia

On a visit to Subiaco recently I saw there were some great new murals, so I went back the other day and did a walkabout and spotted a few more. I also took snapshots of sculptures which I’ve always admired.

The featured image is called “Sky’s Chorus” by Clare MacFarlane and shows a migrating flock of Carnaby Black Cockatoos.

From the same wall, quite difficult to get a shot of the whole wall down the alley.

Subiaco was built on a SundayArtist: Melski McVee
Artist – Hayley Welsh

The artist’s statement for God’s Chair : God’s Seat…with an angel on each shoulder, decisions being made about who gets into paradise ..

I enjoyed my afternoon walk in Subiaco, reacquainting myself with this suburb. It was like a ghost town during covid plus the landlords decided to get greedy! Many places shut down, but on this Friday afternoon it was buzzing with weekend drinks starting early. I noticed too that the “Sip and Paint” bars are becoming very popular. Also called Canvas and Cabernet, where you paint a masterpiece with a brush in one hand and a drink in the other, sounds like such a fun experience.

My favourite mural here is “Boy on a Red Bike” – how about your’s?

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  1. Sip and paint? I dread to think what I’d come up with! There are some fabulous works here, Aly. I especially like the boy on the red bike.


    • Thanks Amanda, it’s a great concept getting creative instead of just drinking
      Not sure about the sloth I had to look very hard to find out details of these murals

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