Sensational Sea Views @ Tanjung Rhu Resort, Langkawi

Finally we were on our way to Langkawi! Penang to Langkawi is only a 40 minutes flight and we flew on Firefly Airlines.

A propellor plane, hopefully it won’t be a rough flight

A driver from the hotel was waiting for us at Langkawi Airport and the Tanjung Rhu Resort was a 30 minute drive away. The resort is situated on the Northern part of the island and is quite isolated from the rest of the island. Surrounded by lush greenery with a large beach fronting the property.

We arrived around 2pm shortly before check in. The lovely lady who checked us in said would be mind an upgrade to a beach view and larger room. How polite, of course how could I refuse.

There was a separate living room plus a small balcony overlooking the beach, how wonderful is the view?

On exploring the resort we realised that only half is open to visitors, the other half is sadly beyond repair and closed up. We found out that the hotel is now owned by the bank. There seemed to be no overseeing of the staff. We did experience long waits for food or not turning up at all, and everyone blaming the next in line!

The deserted beach and beautiful pools did a lot to make up for these oversights. Being so far from everywhere else in Langkawi there was nowhere else to eat but at the resort.

Even though we were told the hotel was full we couldn’t see any evidence!

Adults only pool
Sunset Pool for families

It seemed like we had a private pool anytime we were there. The perfect antidote for recuperating, nothing but rest and relaxation.

Chef’s Table

This was the five star restaurant that we visited for two nights of our stay. The food was excellent as was the service.

There was also a pizza restaurant that put on a BBQ buffet one night that we ate in also.

This resort is good for day visits to get away from the busyness of the rest of the island, although it was wonderful for our three night stay.

It’s definitely a five star location and our room was five star, but with the restaurants that were open and only serving a limited menu definitely not a five star rating. The staff while extremely friendly seem to be working under different rules. Some were busy and others just standing around chatting. The website needs to be updated as one of the restaurants is closed to guests that are not on a package, the spa is also sadly derelict and the sunset pool bar is no longer open.

Our last night


  1. The resort looks idyllic Alison but you should have been informed prior to booking that it was not fully open. I suppose they kept quiet about that as they obviously wanted people to come. We visited Langkawi a long time ago on a three night stopover package with Malaysian airlines staying at the Berjaya when the island had only a handful of hotels. Good to see Anthony looking recovered.

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  2. A beautiful setting and I love those pools, but such a shame about the poor service at times and the closed facilities. The latter can be blamed on the pandemic but there’s no excuse for staff not even trying! Still you seem to have enjoyed your stay, which is the main thing 🙂

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  3. What a wonderful setting in which to relax and recover! It is unfortunate that the beautiful resort is not being run up to par. We have found that lots of things, have changed in lots of places since 2020, especially poor service. It appears that you had a nice time there, and that is all that matters. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Thank you for taking us along on this very satisfying visit to Langkawi. It’s been ages since our last beach holiday, and it was so lovely to sit on that beach with you both!

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