~The World beneath my Feet ~

A new Friendly Friday challenge from Amanda this week “Beneath my Feet”.

This brought to mind being up high and looking down at the world beneath my feet. You don’t have to be in an aeroplane to see the world below or up high in a building, sitting in a cable car or on a chair lift brings you closer to nature.

Legs swinging free with the ground below,
The Nut, Stanley, Tasmania
Completely drenched and still a far way to go!
In the Cable Car, Hong Kong, with nothing to break our fall

Back down to earth again. Nothing like digging your toes in the sand and letting the waves lap over your feet.


  1. I have not been up on the Nut, even though I have been to Stanley. Obviously, you enjoy heights, like I do.
    Although the Hong Kong cable car looks quite daunting, it is so much higher than the Cataract gorge lift, which I have been on myself. I loved the part of that chairlift where you glided through the upper branches of the trees above the kiosk. When we visited, the Rhododendrons were in full bloom. It was quite amazing!
    Thanks for joining in with the Friendly Friday Challenge.

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