~ The Changing Seasons – March 2022 ~

March 2022 was a very different change of seasons for us literally. We were in the UK for the first half of the month and then flew back to Australia on the 15th March. So from Spring to Autumn, it felt more like Winter to Summer though. It was wonderful to throw off jumpers and sweatshirts and put on t-shirts and shorts again. Also it was quite strange going from complete freedom to move about to once again wearing masks and checking in.

First Half of March

The first week of March we were still recovering our strength from contracting Covid and as the weather wasn’t that good I decided to go through some of my parents’ old photo albums.

The doll is pretty scary for a three year old and has certain characteristics with Chuckie! 15 year old self is starting to rebel and refuses to have haircut anymore, not sure this was a wise choice. 21 year old self is looking very defiant!

We were also lucky to be able to travel to London twice more. I went with some friends for a very lavish lunch, cocktails and a show. We saw Pretty Woman. A fantastic afternoon and evening well spent.

It was shown at The Savoy Theatre and I have to say the seats were the most uncomfortable I’ve ever sat on, absolutely torturous! I didn’t realise that most stage musicals do not play the original soundtrack from the film, although the music in this production was very enjoyable. After the show these party girls still wanted to stay out so we went off in search of cocktails.

We could not get a seat at The Savoy Hotel cocktail bar so settled for the next best thing – The Waldorf. Here I am drinking a “Bus No 9”.

The last weekend dear husband said let’s go to London for dinner, so once more we took the train up to Fenchurch Street. This time we stayed around the city and had dinner in St. Katherine’s Dock. Firstly though cocktails in Spitalfields Market.

Tower Bridge

Second Half of March

We flew back to Perth on 15th March, it took a few days to get over the jet lag and then we were fine. Or so we thought. Poor hubby last week tested positive again for Covid, and yet was cleared to come home. All along he thought his jet lag was taking so long to get over, finally I made him go to the doctors. So unlucky for him.

Some little peeps were happy to see us home though.

Changing Seasons is hosted by Ju-Lynn @ Touring My Backyard and Brian @ Bushboy. I am a bit late with this post, but better late than never!



  1. What a great post, I love looking through old photographs and you’ve got some great shots here spanning the years. I’m with you on that doll, terrifying, as most dolls are I feel 😉 I must add ‘cocktails at The Waldorf’ to my London list.

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  2. Cute pictures of the little peeps! But the picture that captured me was of your grandparents. They just look so very happy. Really a treasure of a picture. Hope hubby is back to good health soon!

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