Low Light at Dusk

~ Everything is really about lighting ~ Robert Denning

This week’s Lens-Artist challenge is all about low level lighting. When I first read this I was intrigued and have looked at a few examples from fellow bloggers and of course Sofia’s to find out the general idea. I realised I had quite a few from my archives and some recent ones. They are only taken on my S10 phone camera but I really liked the general effect of the light at that time of day.

This tree looks like a silhouette

“For those searching for the light, never stop” – A. Meredith Waters

The Bell Tower in Perth, WA with the streets in shadow
Overlooking the River Crouch, Essex
Lights above South Molton Street, London

I enjoy a challenging challenge that intrigues me enough to research it further!


  1. Love that you were challenged by this one Alison – you have some beautiful images in response. I loved the image of the tower with the street lights – a very creative approach on that one, and the Moulton Street lights as well. Terrific!

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  2. I think a lot of people agreed with you. this really WAS a challenge! Great finds. London is a gift in the evening hours with the lights. I loved the lights on the house in the first photo. Festive. Bright. Donna

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