~ Enjoying Essex – Finchingfield ~

Time for a look at another picturesque Essex village. Finchingfield is situated in the North West of Essex. The name Finchingfield dates back to the Domesday Book of 1086. The village is picture postcard perfect and the village green is surrounded by Georgian and medieval cottages.

We visited on a Saturday and like most villages, there is not much parking to be found. As it was nearing lunchtime when we arrived we pulled into The Red Lion, a very quaint looking pub. On opening the door we were greeted by a crackling fire and a table right by the window, perfect. The bar was seven stools wide and fully occupied with thigh to thigh patrons. With no access available I had to ask one of the ladies to move her stool. I realised then that it was a very locally local! Everyone knew each other and I felt quite the interloper. Once I had ordered drinks I found out that they only served pizza. As my mum and I don’t eat pizza this called for a rethink. I was told there was another pub just two minutes walk away that served amazing food. So after guzzling back our drinks, we set out on our way again.

As there was so much to photograph two minutes turned out to be a tad longer for me.

Finchingfield Guildhall
15th Century Guildhall

The detailed wall of the Guildhall is called pargetting. This is the technique of moulding designs into the external plastering of a wall. It is very characteristic of the area. Source: Finchingfield.org.uk

Walking down Church Hill
Looking at the Village Green from Church Hill

We easily found The Fox on the Green and were told by a notice to knock on the door and someone would answer. After waiting a polite few minutes freezing by now and no answer, I opened the door and was greeted by a waiter who took us to a table right by the fire! It was just too perfect. The smells were delicious and I saw delectable plates of food go by.

My Dad enjoying a homemade Steak and Ale Pie and my Haddock and Chunky Chips. All so scrumptious. This was just the perfect country pub that seem to be very difficult to find in England nowadays. So many seem to be chains, Greene King or Wetherspoons, I was beginning to despair of finding one that served good homemade meals.

I also find it strange that each pub differs as to the rules of where to stand. Some pubs no-one is allowed to stand at the bar and others you can’t even find a space to ease in! They seem to make up the rules day to day.

Looking back up towards Church Hill

I had a quick wander around whilst everyone else waited in the car as it was getting extremely cold by this time.

The Old Schoolhouse, left and above. The Village pond and 200 year old bridge, bottom left. Houses surrounding The Village Green, right.

I wanted to make one more stop before we drove home and that was to look at the Finchingfield Windmill.

Finchingfield Windmill

This is a Grade ll listed building, dating back to approximately 1756. The largest windmill in Essex and the last one of seven in this area.

A village well worth visiting if you are in the area and I saw that it had not gone down the tourist route as so many of these villages have been seen to do.

For more information about this village click here

Thanks for joining me on these village visits. Until the next one – Cheerio!


  1. Don’t know that village but it looks both charming and typical of the area. Ah, the changing face of pubs. There’s still plenty of decent country pubs around but numbers have dwindled terribly over the last decade or so. Unfortunately it’s too cheap and easy to buy alcohol at supermarkets and drink at home. It’s a travesty to pub lovers like us! And as for the different interpretations of COVID protocols in pubs, it’s very confusing but hopefully will all be back to normal soon, at which point the “new normal” will look pretty much like the old one…

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    • Thanks for your comments. The pubs keep going through cycles
      Many years ago they were all privately owned then chain owned then came the gourmet pub, now with Covid it’s back to chain owned. They all offer the same menu too. Oh well just have to keep looking 😁

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  2. You are certainly getting around on this holiday. Don’t you have a day off to just relax and catch your breath? Your food looked delicious and I’m impressed by the portion sizes. Lovely looking villages you’ve brought to our attention.

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