PPAC – 🐘Herd of Hope Elephants 🐘

For Cee and Marsha’s Public Art Challenge this week I have some elephants from the Herd of Hope. They are bronze sculptures created by acclaimed artists Gillie and Marc, I came across them on our recent day trip to London in Spitalfields.

They are a family of 21 bronze elephants, who were lost when they became orphaned and are now in the care of the Sheldrick Trust.

I would have liked to look at all of them and read the stories but there was not enough time, maybe on another visit.


  1. Hi Ali, Aren’t elephants amazing creatures. Thanks for including the book as well. I can’t wait to read it. The statues are marvelous choices for PPAC this week.

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  2. I hadn’t realised they were in Spitalfields! We must go up next week to see them! We visited the Sheldrick orphanage in Nairobi and fell in love with all the orphans 😀 They do amazing work there!

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    • I just read your post Sarah and made a comment on that. Yes you should go and see them you will recognise them as well, each as a name and little story with it.

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      • Thank you Alison, and I’ll look out for Jotto in particular when we visit. We hope to go on Thursday as we need to be in the Spitalfields area then (we have tickets for the Van Gogh experience thingy!)


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