PPAC – #27 – Murals from my Neighbourhood

For this week’s PPAC I have a few from local outings.

We went out for lunch last week to a nearby suburb and I said to my hubby “I wonder if there are any murals I haven’t seen” and as I turned around there was this beautiful one staring right at me!


And here’s a fabulous one by Perth’s very own Stormie Mills


Surfers at Cottesloe

This is painted onto the side of the Surf Life Saving Club. I like how it blends into the sea and sky.


  1. Hi Alison,
    I made a ?random trip to your site (following up on Amanda’s post ‘Crowdsourcing Blog Maintenance‘), and ended up at this page on your site. As that page doesn’t have comments enabled, and as I couldn’t find a ‘contact me’ page, I’m leaving my ?Random Raiders! report for you here…
    The link on https://travelswithali.com/2018/03/25/628/ on ‘Nagasaki to Kagoshima’ is good: it goes to https://travelswithali.com/asia/japan/
    … but there are problems with two of the four links on that page:
    1. Fukoaka: no problem.
    2. Beppu: wrong link; it currently points back at the same page (ie https://travelswithali.com/asia/japan/)
    3. Nagasaki (why is the text bold?): bad link, ‘404 not found’ 😦
    4. Kagoshima: no problem.
    This comment was brought to you courtesy of ?Random Raiders! πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi Alison, I agree that your last photo goes perfectly with the sky. What beautiful murals. I also love the blue flower. I’m with Cee – who doesn’t love blue? Thanks for sharing


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