Pemberton and Northcliffe – Day Two

After checking out of Forest Lodge we drove into Pemberton to have breakfast. Pemberton is famous for its towering Karri trees and of course the famous Gloucester Tree (a link to a previous post about this). Following breakfast we walked the length of the high street and back to give our legs a stretch.


Pemberton is famous for its Marron, a freshwater crayfish endemic to South West – Western Australia. The quality of the water here is perfect for this extremely sensitive creature.


A friend had mentioned that if we were in the area we should stop by Northcliffe as there was a fantastic nature art trail. So this was our next destination.

It was a 1.2km circuit and cost $10 each to walk around it. It was definitely worth it!

Rising from the Ashes

These were created by artist Kim Perrier who worked closely with the local community to create these artworks. They commemorate the catastrophic bush fire in 2015.

Forest Folk

There were so many more art works but I’ll save these for another time! The driver was itching to get on the move.

Our next stop was Beedelup Falls, a series of waterfalls and a suspension bridge. But first a stop to take some more photos!

Beedelup Falls

This was a lovely walk through the forest and looking at the falls. It was the right time of year to see these falls as in the summer they are probably just a trickle.

Just a quick stop after this in Nannup for lunch and then onto Margaret River for two nights.


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