A Night out in the City

I thought it was high time we went out for dinner in the city, so yesterday I booked a restaurant that we’ve been to before but not for a while. Normally we tend to just visit our local as we know what we’re getting and always enjoy it! But time for a change. We only live 15 minutes away so it’s not a hassle.

When we arrived our hostess showed us to our table upstairs. I didn’t even know this place had an upstairs let alone a roof top area. We had a lovely table with an outside heater, although one arm got very warm while the other froze! I wondered being right at the top how the service would be. Well no worries there because we didn’t have to wait long at all. The service at this restaurant is first class and the atmosphere was wonderful.


Here we have Garlic Potato Gems, Caramelised Pork Satay Dip with Puffed Rice Crackers, Crispy Fried Chicken, Shredded Duck with Rolled Turmeric Wafer and Jumbo Tiger Prawns in Black Pepper Butter.

The menu had a few sections, Eats, Small Plates and Large Plates. We went for a few small plates, before I got too carried away the waitress stopped me and said that’s enough!

Accompanied by a Tasmanian Pinot Noir

I think Perth must be one of the few cities left in Australia where the hospitality industry is booming. I hope before too long that the other capital cities begin to thrive again soon.

PS: I posted some photos on Facebook and Instagram but cut off Hubby’s head! I sure got lots of comments about that.

Posted as part of Six Word Saturday hosted by Debbie at Travel with Intent.


  1. What a lovely view from the rooftop! The food looks delicious as well. When I use to frequent Perth for work, I had a great time finding restaurants and cafes all which served great food. Dreaming of the day when we can eat out somewhere here again.

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