Murals of Australian Native Animals

On a recent trip to Kalgoorlie I saw some fabulous murals of Australian Native Animals. Kalgoorlie has recently tried to brighten up the town with some wonderful murals. Although there are some who seem against this idea as I saw many that were defaced with graffiti and other damage. A great shame.

These bright and colourful murals decorate the walls of the local Coles in Kalgoorlie. I believe they were painted by local artists Em Anders and Jason Dimer.

Jason Dimer

Jason Dimer comes from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and is the son of the late Mr Neil Dimer who was an important leader and artist from the Goldfields region. Presently Jason lives and works in Kalgoorlie and his paintings depict traditional Dreamtime stories that have been passed down to Jason from his tribe. These stories include the rainbow serpent and mens stories. Jason also paints stories of his mothers country – Source: Creative Native

Em Anders

“Nature in all its beauty is life giving and inspirational .. I can’t help but want to paint it”
Source: Art Lovers Australia

Posted as part of Monday Mural for Sami at ColourfulWorld


  1. Fantastic murals Alison! Thanks for contributing to Monday Murals.
    The link to your mural page was incorrect, I’ve entered it again, although when sizing the photo it became too small, but it leads to the right page in your blog. Thanks

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