More on the Historic Trail of Country Towns, WA

Continuing on with our road trip to Kalgoorlie, we left Northam around 10 a.m. after breakfast. Our first stop today was a small place called Meckering.


The most famous thing about this town is the earthquake in 1968, with a magnitude of 6.5 and injuring 28 people. We stopped to look at one of the houses that suffered, the remains have been left as a memory. I don’t suppose for a minute that Mrs. Snooke would have imagined an earthquake in this rural town.

Meckering dates back to 1898 with a population of 225, today it’s not much more at 265.

We had chosen the worst day to travel with dreary grey skies and constant rain, my dear hubby wouldn’t leave the car!


A very brief stop in Cunderdin for a coffee at the Ettamogah Pub. A traditional country pub designed on the ‘Etamogah’ cartoons by the infamous Ken Maynard. Etamogah means ‘Place of a good drink”.

We couldn’t wait to get back in the warm car after a coffee in this very cold pub!


Merridin was next on the trail and fortunately it’s on the silo art trail. The art on this silo was created by urban artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers and extremely impressive.

Time was ticking by now and we really needed to get a move on if we were to arrive in Kalgoorlie before dark.

We stayed at the Rydges Hotel which is about five minutes away from the main town. It seemed to be the best hotel on offer and we had booked two nights here. Tomorrow we will be exploring Kalgoorlie and driving further afield to a ghost town and mine!

Some of the roads we travelled on were indeed under construction!


  1. Was the pub cold because the air conditioning was turned up to high or I wonder if it was so cold they needed the heating on? It looks very strange from the exterior. Unusual to see photos of WA with gloomy skies but of course we all need rain sometimes. Enjoying your tour round Ali, M.

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      • Oh dear, still your winters are a lot warmer than ours! We’re just having breakfast in the hotel then walking down the road to the Science Museum. Quite a number of American Airlines crews in our hotel so hopefully they’ll let us in before long!

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