The Changing Seasons – June 2021

The month of June for me started with quarantine and is ending with lockdown! Plenty of time for blogging.


The first week was spent at home in quarantine as we had been in Melbourne and Sydney the previous week. It was only 11 days as the 3 days in Sydney were counted as part of that. My daughter’s partner very kindly brought our two boys back to us from their little vacay in The Big Paws Hotel.

What to do about their walks though? Dear Hubby (DH) opened up our two side gates and created a mini circuit around the house. He very diligently walked around and around for an hour every day. At first the boys followed and thought what new game is this, but just after a few days grew bored with this as I did! He also decided that our bougainvillea needed cutting back and as a verge collection was coming up, we tackled this head on.

Somebody is protesting against no walks!

We relied on the kindness of friends and neighbours and some online shopping for our food and wine.

One day I had a surprise visit from a good friend and we sat outside, socially distanced and had a lovely chat. She brought some beautiful tulips and a small bag of exotic fruit, lucky me.


The second week we were able to get out for dinner and celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary, definitely something worth celebrating. We had dinner with very dear friends at a restaurant called Dilly Dally.

This week was also the first time I had seen my two adorable grandchildren for nearly a month.

It was good to catch up with these two precious bundles. I could also get back to my weekly activities of zumba, Bridge and Mahjong.


This week was much the same as before. I did venture out with a girlfriend one night to our line dancing class. Not the boot scooting kind but more dancing in lines. Such great fun and we get plenty of exercise doing this.

Our couches are getting ruined by our spoilt boys so I ordered a couch cover for one of the couches to see if this would improve things.

Not quite what I had in mind!


It was Book Club this week and the book this month was The Trauma Cleaner by Sarah Kranostein. This was not a book I could relate to even though it had some pretty good reviews. There are 11 of us in the club and I think most enjoyed it.

Our Girls Games Night was also this week and it was my turn to host. My son and his girlfriend bought me a Murder Mystery game for my birthday. Even though it’s meant for male and female, my friends were all okay about some of them dressing up as men. It was a brilliant evening and everyone made such a great effort with their costumes.

A Slice of Murder

Also during this last week was my Grandson, Lachie’s third birthday, what excitement that was. He sure did receive a lot of gifts.

Last of the month from today’s walk around the lake.

I hope everyone else had a good June also, look forward to hearing all about it over at The Changing Season hosted by Ju-Lynn this month. Next month Brian at Bushboys World will be hosting.


  1. Congrats on 30th wedding anniversary and congrats on getting through quarantine without too much hassle. Your dogs will be pleased that the family will soon be back to normal and walks will resume.

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  2. There’s so much I love about this post! Happy Happy Anniversary- to celebrate 30 years together is so beautiful. So glad you got to spend time with friends and family. And your book group looks like a great, fun group. 😀

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  3. What a seriously busy month Alison. Having to isolate must have been a bit tough but I like the walking round in circles idea. Murder Mysteries are great fun too, we used to do so many of them. Actually used to write them ourselves, wonderful memories of great parties.

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    • That is very clever to write them yourselves! I would certainly get in a muddle doing that. I have to keep busy otherwise I spend too much time playing games on my iPad!

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  4. Goodness! What a month you’ve had, Ali!

    I hadn’t actually thought much about what happens to our 4-legged family when we are in quarantine – they must have missed their walks!

    Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! Am so glad you were able to celebrate it with friends – it is certainly a precious milestone.

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