A Winter’s Day in Perth

On a Thursday I play Mahjong with the ladies from my games group. We play in a beautiful restaurant in City Beach overlooking the ocean. We meet for breakfast first and then get down to playing. I’m only just learning so I come away with a frazzled brain!

I thought this photo was perfect for Cee’s Choose a Topic from my Photo, which I took just this morning.

City Beach, Perth, WA

The blue of the ocean, waves, rocks, people, and coastline – nearly covered it!



  1. What a beautiful setting for playing Mahjong. I play every Friday with a group of friends. Based on your setup, it looks like you play the Chinese version. We play the National Mahjongg League version, which has cards, with designated ‘hands’ that can be created. Either way, it stimulates the brainwaves and makes time with friends even more fun!

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    • My brain is very stimulated for sure! Yes definitely the Chinese version and I’m only just getting used to the pictures and words, pungs and chows and always get them mixed up..Chungs and pongs!

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  2. I was a little confused when I read winter but quickly remembered where you live. The blues look so beautiful! And it is a little strange to me to see you all not wearing masks. Lucky you in that side of the world.

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