Restaurants and Murals of Melbourne

It was over a year since our last visit to Melbourne, longer for hubby, and it was the second planned trip this year! Anyway we finally took the risk of no lockdowns during our six day trip (although that has come back to bite us on the backside!) This visit was to catch up with Laurence and Maddy, a weekend on Philip Island and a short trip to Sydney.

We decided to stay near them so as to maximise our time together and chose The Hamptons on Chapel Street.

Arriving late on a Tuesday afternoon, we checked into a very nice one bedroom apartment and met with Laurence and Maddy for dinner just around the corner.

Tulum Turkish Restaurant, Balaclava

This is one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne, it has some very tasty tapas on the menu.

A delicious start to our stay in Melbourne


Over the next couple of days we spent time walking the streets and soaking up the sights.

The street art around Melbourne is always so different and vibrant. I took photos of some fabulous murals on our walk around the city.

The above two murals are by Mike Maka from Melbourne (Australia) a painter who works in a variety of media, mainly on walls, canvas and illustration on paper. He has travelled and created work around the world, painting the Berlin Wall to the River Ganges. Source: Street-Artwork

The mural on the right was actually blocked off and I had to step on a small wall and balance on hubby’s back while lowering the net to snap it!

This brightly coloured mural was just outside our apartment block, such beautiful colours.

Heesco – a Mongolian born artist based in Melbourne. Have a look at his website, he is by far the best artist I have seen. His silo murals are extraordinary.


Chez Bob, Armadale

One night we had dinner in a cute French restaurant out in one of the suburbs east of Melbourne. A fabulous evening with great food and service. We ate snails, scallops, pate, beef tartare, rabbit pie, duck and beef. A gourmet feast.

G2 Korean BBQ, CBD

Maddy chose G2, one of her favourite restaurants in Melbourne for our last night here. This is a very authentic restaurant with a burner of coals on the table. The staff that night were truly run off their feet as they like to cook for you. Although we did pretty well on our own.

I ordered a delicious rice wine mango cocktail, although did not mean for a jug only a glass!

As always it was a lovely few days catching up with Laurence and Maddy. But we still had the weekend ahead on Philip Island.


  1. So pleased you managed to get away to Melbourne and meet up with your son and girlfriend Alison. I love Korean food and can’t wait to return to Seoul when it’s possible. Shame you ended up getting quarantined, the same thing happened to us last summer when we returned from a visit to Portugal. Fortunately the two weeks passed quickly and as we had good weather we spent much of the time in our large garden. Younger son was working from home anyway so he didn’t have to use up any valuable leave for the quarantine. Have a good weekend. Marion

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    • Thanks Marion..I can do some blogging now! It was worth it to see them both ..dogs are going slightly crazy but they can run around in the garden

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  2. I shouldn’t have looked at those pictures just before I was about to prepare my simple stir-fry meal. Now I feel very dissatisfied and I’ve altered my plans and am instead opting for a cheese and onion toastie. Bang goes my low-calorie meal.

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  3. Lucky to have squeezed that trip in to Melbourne (except for the two weeks later) and I love the photos of the murals, food and family.

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  4. Hey, I think I missed this post of yours as this is the first time i’ve seen it. And where are these murals? Waaaaah how come I haven’t seen them before. Oh shucks, that’s not good!

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