A Brightly Pierced Face

The most pierced human in the world is this lady’s claim to fame! A photo for Cady’s Just One Person From Around the World and a bright square for Becky.

I saw this lady on our trip to Edinburgh a few years ago, I would liked to have gotten closer but her hand was up in warning! She had a little stall and and was telling fortunes.

Her name is Elaine Davidson and she was born in Brazil and is a former nurse.  She has approximately 7,000 piercings! According to wikipedia she has piercings all over her body and in parts I cannot mention.

Our trip to Edinburgh


  1. OMG, that’s fascinating and somewhat repulsive at the same time! I cannot imagine living like that, but each to their own I guess! A great discovery for the challenge on your part 😀

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  2. OH my! I can not even fathom this! What was she thinking? If she is ever vert sick and needs an IV there will be no place for it! To each their own I guess! Cady


  3. This must have been an unexpected sight in Edinburgh! I would have guessed somewhere a lot more exotic (like perhaps Brazil :)) but certainly not in Scotland!

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