Just One Person from Around the World: Bali, Indonesia

A new challenge from “That Travel Lady In Her Shoes” Click the link to read more.

I woke up one morning and opened the shutters to our room and was surprised to find a man on the balcony!

Blending in with the trees

We are really missing our annual trip to Bali, maybe sometime later this year


  1. Thank you for sharing this photo for the Challenge! This looks like quite the place! Is it a resort? Looks like you have a wonderful garden view and you have your own gardener too! Do you always stay at the same place?


    • It was such an interesting challenge
      The photo is from the Nusa Dua Hotel and it was our hotel room. The man was one of the hotel gardeners employed there. Its from a post two years ago ..called Beautiful Bali ..i tried to link it but failed
      We always stay in Nusa Dua but not always the same hotel


  2. I stayed at the Nusa Dua too, how about that? But it was about ten years ago I think on my second trip to Bali, first was about 40 years ago! Lovely island and lovely people but I find as I get older the heat agrees with me less. PS. I never work up to find a handsome gardener on my balcony though!

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  3. Haha Maybe next time
    The heat is a killer I know ..that’s what afternoon siestas are for under an umbrella on the beach
    My hubby loves the heat and will go for long walks in it 🥵

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  4. Love Bali, we literally just posted on Kuta, Bali today. Have you been to any temples and any crazy Monkey Forests? LOL Those marques monkeys are the crazies little jerks. haha Your hotel has very nice views. What was you favorite thing in Bali? Also, I saw you were commenting on ohw they are doing without tourism, that was my question too! And the pollution…I do wonder if some of the beaches cleaned up as well, that would be nice. We saw dirty diapers at one of the beaches we were at. Ugh.

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    • Hi Marlena nice to meet you
      We went years ago to see the monkeys, not my favourite animal! We have been to Kuta but it’s too touristy and as you say the beaches are very dirty. I prefer Nusa Dua with the lovely beach and manicured gardens
      As soon as the borders open here we will definitely go back

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