Long Chim Thai Restaurant – A review

Long Chim in Perth is situated in the heritage listed State Building, Cathedral Square. This 140 year old building once housed Public Offices, a Police Court and cellblock, Treasury, Survey Department, GPO, Immigration Offices, office of the Premier and Cabinet, Lands Department and Titles Building.
Just recently this building has been renovated to include upmarket bars, cafes and retail spaces, including the luxury COMO The Treasury Hotel.

We recently went for a pre-Christmas dinner to Long Chim to sample the tantalising Thai delights.

The decoration is “unfinished” crumbling brick work with funky murals on the walls. The umbrellas hanging from the ceiling on entry reminded me of Thai street markets.

To start

Hubby said I would never eat prawns like this if he cooked them 🤣, but it felt rude not to try them. Complete with eyes and tail, I ate quite a few.

Some Mains

A perfect way to start our Christmas celebrations

Long Chim is a great place to go for celebrations with large groups. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere and the waitstaff are friendly and quick. Our food was on the table soon after we had ordered it. The menu is perfect for large groups as the dishes are good for sharing. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

After finishing dinner we had a wander around the city to have a look at the beautiful Christmas decorations. I think Perth has done a fantastic job this year.

We drove through Kings Park on our way home to look at the Perth Skyline all lit up.

A wonderful start to Christmas 2020


  1. Thank you for sharing this Alison. I would not have believed the Perth decorations were that spectacular without your post. We must all go to Long Chim in the New Year.


  2. I’ve been here for dinner during a work trip last year and was so impressed with the location and courtyard. Jam packed inside and food was delicious. I love Kings Park- such a lush garden with great views.

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