Now and Then

This is a challenge hosted by Amy over at The World is a Book.


Looking back over the last year, I can probably say that it’s been the same for many, travel plans cancelled, not being able to see loved ones and being in lockdown for months on end. It’s been a year of doing everything completely different. All new for everyone.

We didn’t have any big travel plans like we normally do, due to my daughter and her partner having a baby girl in September. Our second grandchild, a sister for their two year old son. We’ve very fortunate to be able to spend so much time with them all. They have been a such a joy. On the negative side I haven’t seen my son since March and my husband hasn’t seen him since last Christmas.

The last trip I had this year was to Melbourne to see Laurence and his girlfriend, Maddy. But now we are happily awaiting their visit over Christmas.

So this year has been spent trying out different kinds of activities and exploring Western Australia more.

I had my parents, who are in their late 80’s, staying here for five months. Their flights were cancelled and we thought it best that they stay put with us. At least they could still get out and about a bit more here. My nephew was also visiting from the UK for a few months. There was a partial lockdown in WA, but only for a month. I’ve been trying to be more active in the garden, although that is hit and miss, hubby does so much more.

I am playing more bridge, although I don’t seem to be improving! I absolutely love this game and took lessons for the first time two years ago. I’ve gone from once a week to twice a week now and on Friday I will be playing with a 93 year Italian man as my partner. I’ve seen Mario play and I am woefully under experienced to be his partner, it should be fun!

It’s certainly not me!

My friends and I have started a games night once a month. There are 8 ladies in all, and I haven’t laughed so much in ages. I found I have a very competitive streak.

Also I have started dancing again once a week to something called “Dance Lines” not to be confused with line dancing. I love the fact that I can do a dance and not just stand and do the “two foot shuffle”. Once a month there is a dance with a band and disco, it’s mostly over 50’s and such fun and very tiring.

My blog has also kept me very busy with all the challenges I have been trying to do. It has been really inspirational and this year I’ve made so many new online friends.
Here are some of the blogs I’ve enjoyed and participated in
Travel with Intent, Cee’s photo challenges, Becky with her Squares, Xingfu Mama and her seats to name but a few!


Last year was certainly very different travelling wise. I can’t believe we visited so many countries.

In January we travelled from Western Australia to Queensland crossing five states.
March saw me in Melbourne.
April back to the UK to see my family over there, plus a side trip to Fuerteventura.
May, hubby and I went to Da Nang, Vietnam
October, Scotland, the UK, Sweden and Denmark.
December was spent in Hong Kong and Bali. The only thing we were worried about then were the riots in Hong Kong! We did actually see one but kept well away.

Next year I think will be spent travelling around Australia. Our international borders are going to remain closed until well into next year. Hopefully I will get back to the UK by October to celebrate my dad’s 90th.

In the meantime,
Keep calm and carry on blogging


  1. My, you’ve crammed a lot of travelling in during the Covid scare. I’m surprised you managed so much, I’m envious. I didn’t manage anything apart from a Hurtigruten cruise round the UK in March (just before lockdown began) and had to cancel booked trips to Italy and Sweden and I would normally be heading off to Thailand mid-December, but all have to be put to one side. I haven’t seen any family members for over a year now and that is the saddest part as I’m missing the little ones grow up. Still, I’m trying to count my blessings and feel grateful for what I have.

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    • That’s very hard for you ..I think being in Western Australia has had its benefits this year. I think we won’t be able to travel very far next year though.


  2. Love your fabulous travel photos. So glad to hear your activities, you monthly game night sounds fun.
    I haven’t seen my daughter since February. We often talk via FaceTime, she told me about their Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Hope we will get back to normal soon. 🙂


  3. Aren’t those of us who traveled BEFORE the pandemic fortunate to have such fun memories and photos?! Hopefully the world will open back up once the vaccine has been out for a while and enough of us are vaccinated. In the meanwhile, great to see the world through our own images and those of our blogging friends! Welcome to our challenge, we hope you’ll continue to share your adventures with us!

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  4. It’s so interesting to see the contrast – whether now or then, you keep entertained & busy! I love that you have more time with family, to do more of the things you enjoy like bridge & other games, Dance Line & blogging.

    Wishing you a good close to the year, and looking forward to another safe & healthy year ahead.


  5. An interesting exercise in contrast! The world has really turned upside down this year, hasn’t it? We’ve had two short breaks in 2020, both less than two hours from home, and at the moment we’re not even meant to cross the city boundary apart from certain essential reasons.

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