Postcards from the Past

My attempts at creating postcards from the past from old photographs! Hosted as past of Friendly Friday by SandyL.

It took me much longer than anticipated, but has kept me occupied on a rainy day!

A trip from many years ago! I had a few spare days between jobs and went on an organised tour from Hong Kong. What a fabulous time I had.

For this I used a website called Crello


  1. Good show Alison! You pictures remind of my time in China which was BC (Before-Camera) meaning I only had a pocket camera and forgot to carry it with me most of the time. As a result I have very few pictures and most of them blurry. I wish I could go back and take all the pictures I should have taken ten years ago!

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    • I can’t actually remember what camera I used way back, I have a few all over the house ! I’ve just recharged my Canon PowerShot and hope to be able to master it this time around

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