A Fabulous Feast at The Old Synagogue : Review of Tonic and Ginger, Fremantle

The Front of The Old Synagogue

We had heard quite a bit about this restaurant and how wonderful it was so decided it was time to give it a try. Hubby, me and two friends went last Wednesday, and this date was booked ten days before and the earliest I could find. It’s an extremely popular restaurant in Perth at the moment.

Tonic and Ginger is situated in a converted Synagogue in Fremantle, known as The Old Synagogue! Along with three other places, Mr. Chappele, The Arbor and L’Chaim.

Originally built in 1902, it was the first synagogue in WA. Services continued here until 1908. By this time the majority of the Jewish people had moved to Perth.

The building was sold to the Federal Government in 1916 as an annexe to the general hospital where it was converted into a ward. In 1922 it was acquired by William Beer and by 1924 he was operating an auction mart from the site. After this it was sold to the Fremantle Council and used for different purposes such as shops and cafes. Source: Wikipedia

Photos of the The Old Synagogue from many years ago – Source: Fremantle Stuff

On entering the restaurant you are greeted and seated by friendly staff and offered the drinks list. I ordered an Oriental Amigo, a mix of tequila, lychees and strawberries. Excellent choice by me!

The wonderful coloured globes hanging from the ceiling.

During the evening a lady in the upstairs section knocked her drink of the railings which crashed to the floor! Luckily no-one was hurt, but I don’t think she helped by yelling over the side “sorry, I’m so sorry” but didn’t bother coming down!


The menu is divided into sections, Bites, Grazing and Feasting, with so many choices it’s hard to decide what to order. We were advised to order two bites, four grazings and three feasts.

I managed to remember to take a few photos of the wonderfully decorated and delicious plates!

Crispy Pork Ribs with Char Siu Caramel
lime cured scallop medley, coconut yoghurt, curry oil, crispy garlic
beef tataki, shiso wasabi dressing, toasted sesame, spring onion
hot and numbing pork, stir fried hor fun noodles, sesame chilli sambal

Some of the other dishes we tried were the duck and water chestnut san choi bao, lettuce cups and massaman curry, braised ox cheek, shallot, kipfler potato. All so tasty and very inventive.

We had a fantastic evening catching up with friends, eating delicious food and enjoying the great atmosphere in this restaurant. The staff do an impressive job and are extremely efficient. I am looking forward to trying the other venues here.

The back of The Old Synagogue

If you ever visit Western Australia be sure to eat at this restaurant!

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  1. Wow what weird food, but it all looks strangely delicious. Sounds like a great evening out. What could be better than a night out with friends in a such a cool place.

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