A Walk with Rufus on Saturday

I don’t walk often enough but now Spring is here it’s about time I got out a bit more! Trouble is I don’t like walking alone so I’ve started to take Rufus again. My dear hubby takes both dogs every day for two hours, so Rufus had a little treat this morning.

There are still wildflowers in abundance along the path and I also found a raspberry bush, I was tempted to pick a few, maybe I’ll go back! All the footy teams were out for their Saturday matches.

Sadly I had to leave Zac as the two of them together can’t behave

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  1. Raspberry pie!! How come you didn’t pick?

    Looks lovely but how is the Covid restrictions going as it’s becoming ludicrous here with no science.

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  2. I was about to put up a comment about your ‘early’ raspberries and ours don’t appear until mid-summer, but I see from your comment that they are in fact mulberries. I liked your picture of them anyway, and it reminded me to get out in the garden and pick what will probably be the last few raspberries from my canes. I grew some yellow ones this year as well and they have done very well but they are not so pleasing to look at.

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  3. Your dogs are so cute! What a nice day for a walk. I’m looking forward to cool weather to do that again. Is that bird some kind of parrot or cockatoo? Wild bird or someone’s pet that got loose? πŸ™‚

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