My A to Z Travel Challenge – O is for “Oh where in the world is this?”

I have to say I am completely stumped with O and cannot think of a place I’ve visited that is worthwhile posting about. So I’m just going to display a few photos and see if anyone can guess where they are. Some easy, some hard or maybe not if you are well travelled!

No. 1 – Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

No. 2 – Mlini, Croatia


No. 3 – Nokonoshima Island, Fukuoka 


No. 4 – San Sebastian, Spain

No. 5 – Tegunungan Waterfall, Bali

No. 6 – Canmore, Canada

I’ll post the answers in a few days!

My A to Z Travel Challenge – N is for Nagasaki, Japan 🇯🇵

Nagasaki was part of our 9 day road trip through the Kyushu Islands a few years ago and we spent two very busy days and nights here. There were four of us on the road trip, me, hubby and our two good friends Cheryl and Vaughan. Vaughan and hubby did all of the driving. We…


  1. These are very hard for non travellers. Possibly No 4 is Oslo. No. 6 is Banff National Park. No. 5 could be in QLD. Just “out there” guesses.


  2. I’ve been to a similar waterfall in Bali but can’t remember what it’s called… There were tons of people around though, so Icouldn’t get a nice picture like you. I like how you approached this post to match the letter O – very creative!


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