My A to Z Travel Challenge – O is for “Oh where in the world is this?”

I have to say I am completely stumped with O and cannot think of a place I’ve visited that is worthwhile posting about. So I’m just going to display a few photos and see if anyone can guess where they are. Some easy, some hard or maybe not if you are well travelled!

No. 1 – Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

No. 2 – Mlini, Croatia


No. 3 – Nokonoshima Island, Fukuokaย 


No. 4 – San Sebastian, Spain

No. 5 – Tegunungan Waterfall, Bali

No. 6 – Canmore, Canada

I’ll post the answers in a few days!


  1. These are very hard for non travellers. Possibly No 4 is Oslo. No. 6 is Banff National Park. No. 5 could be in QLD. Just “out there” guesses.


  2. I’ve been to a similar waterfall in Bali but can’t remember what it’s called… There were tons of people around though, so Icouldn’t get a nice picture like you. I like how you approached this post to match the letter O – very creative!


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