Old Buildings around the World

This week’s challenge from CFFC are photos of old buildings, barns, sheds and houses. Here’s mine! I really look forward to Cee’s different challenges. Taking photos of old buildings is something I really enjoy and now I get a chance to show them off.

On one of our trips across the Nullabor from West to East. The old Nullabor Roadhouse.

Somebody’s “sanctuary” in Denmark, Western Australia

Turfed roof farmhouse in Iceland

An old Spanish granary raised on wooden stilts in Ribadesella, Spain

Beautiful green tiled house on the esplanade in Ribadesella, Spain. Built by a returning Spanish merchant from Cuba after he had made his fortune.

I love this quote I found on Pinterest!


  1. A great tour of buildings. I’m intrigued by the turf roof house in Iceland. Did you go inside? I wonder if the floor of the house is lower than ground level? Seems like it’d be a logical thing to do. Especially since all the Nordic folks I’ve ever met are very tall. 🙂

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  2. Not many things more interesting than an old building are there? They have so much character and provide a real link from the past, definitely shouldn’t knock so many down. Great photos Ali.


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