All you need is a Passport – Six Word Saturday

At the moment my passport is just gathering dust along with thousands of others I imagine. By the time I get to use it again it may well have expired. So I have dug deep into the archives of my gallery once more and posted a few of times gone by!

From a cruise we took from Singapore back to Perth with a few detours, missed ports, two deaths and long days at sea due to norovirus and pneumonia amongst passengers!

The ill fated Sea Princess back in 2014
Overlooking the glamourous lobby
Watching the sun go down from our little balcony
Beautiful Sihanoukville, Cambodia

It’s very unlikely we will take another cruise for many years if at all! Given the bad news surrounding cruises at the moment. So I’m so happy that we have been on two cruises during our travels.

Posted as part of Six Word Saturday. Thanks to Debbie for hosting!


  1. And for this trip, not even a passport is needed, so thanks for the trip. I’ve never been on a cruise but the one I’d like to take is up the Alaskan coast. Maybe one day, but until then I’ll just enjoy road trips and visiting Europe again, hopefully next year.


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  2. Never been on a proper cruise but they always look relaxing and luxurious. Probably best to avoid them for a year at least currently isn’t it? Great memories and photos.

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  3. Right before this all happened I renewed mine and was getting ready for my first visit to Scotland. I wish I went earlier 😒 But, in the meantime, I get to enjoy all the photos from you and others ☺️

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