A Rainy Day in The Dandenongs – Part 2


For our last day in Melbourne I was determined to get out and about away from the city, much to the disappointment of hubby, who just wanted another shopping day.  So we drove up to The Dandedongs on a grey, cold and rainy day!  They’re about an hour out of Melbourne so it’s the perfect day trip.

Map of our round trip

We stopped first at Puffing Billy in Belgrave to have a look at the old steam train and just as we reached the top a train was pulling in.  Luckily I didn’t book us a ride through the hills and forests as it was too rainy and windy.

Puffing Billy was constructed in the early 1900’s to open up remote areas. In 1953, a landslide blocked the track and, because of operating losses, the line was officially closed in 1954.  It was re-opened again in 1962 due to the tireless efforts of volunteers.  Today it is just a tourist attraction taking visitors through the leafy hillside of The Dandedongs.

Laurence and Maddy up in the trees


A few from the official website



Once we’d had a quick look around and read about the history we jumped back in the car to look for a good place for lunch.  There are so many cafes, restaurants and pubs we didn’t have to go far.  We stopped at Micawbers Tavern for a traditional Aussie lunch, Parmis and schnitzels all round.  It reminded me of a cosy country pub in England.

We then went further up into the hills to Skyhigh Mount Dandenong, but the rain had set in for good so there was absolutely nothing to see!  This is what you can see on a clear day.  This will definitely be another day trip.
Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 5.15.46 pm

Back home we warmed up and dried off before setting out for our last dinner of this trip.  We headed into town for a favourite place of Laurence and Maddy’s, a Korean BBQ place in Chinatown called Bornga.  A very busy and lively place where it’s quite difficult to book, but it’s worth just turning up and leaving your phone number, there’s normally only a five to ten minutes wait.

A quick cocktail before dinner in a bar called Storyville

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 5.26.48 pm


And once again all too quickly our four day weekend was over!  Until the next time.



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