Multicultural Melbourne

A gastronomic four days in Melbourne eating my way around the world!  A quick visit to see Laurence and Maddie who have just moved there from Perth.
Melbourne has to be one of the best places to eat what you want at any time you want.
Our first night was tapas at Bombas.  A super busy restaurant on Lonsdale Street.  Some of the dishes we ate below served with a cold glass of Alberino:

Then up to the rooftop cocktail bar for a nightcap

A pint of sangria for me!


Today Maddie and I went sightseeing while Laurence worked the day away.  There is so much to see and do in this wonderful city it was hard to know where to start.  But with google at hand I downloaded some walking maps and off we set.  We chose the Secret Garden walk and headed off.  Melbourne has some beautiful parks and its easy to get lost in them.  Photos below were taken in the Queen Victoria Park.

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After a little pit stop we headed into St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Such an ornate cathedral.

For my second night we opted for Greek and walked over to Melina on the Rooftop.   Forgot photos of the food but as you can see below we enjoyed it all. Great views from this restaurant.

Awesome view


Into my third day now and Maddie suggested the Melbourne Museum.  I’m not a museum person by choice but fair’s fair and we hopped on a tram to have a look.  I was very pleasantly surprised and we really enjoyed looking around the place.  There was a fantastic tapestry display showing.  Such intricate and delicate work.  Here’s some shots I took:

Next off we took a tram to the Docklands to have some lunch and a little look around.  This suburb is located on Victoria Harbour and is west of the city.  Its hard to believe that there are that many people here to fill the numerous apartment blocks!

Some intricate detail has gone into these apartment buildings.

Still keeping with the European theme for dinner Maddie and I walked to Hardware Lane to Max on Hardware, a great Italian place. Hardware Lane is a brilliant place for restaurants and bars if you’re not sure what to eat or where to go in Melbourne!  We had superb service at Max’s and enormous servings of food.

Max on Hardware
Lamb Shanks in red wine for me and Seafood pasta for Maddie

We met up with Laurence after at Cookie for more cocktails.  I found out people in Melbourne seem to be extremely friendly after a random stranger insisted on buying me a cocktail! An eclectic bar with a great vibe, a mix of all ages so didn’t feel out of place.


Today I was determined to find the famous laneways of Melbourne.  There is a detailed walk on this website – happiness and things – so I wasn’t wandering around aimlessly.  These were the lanes we covered : Strachan Lane – Duckboard Place and AC/DC Lane – Hosier Lane – Centre Place – Block Arcarde – Royal Arcade – Union Lane – Tattersalls Lane. Some of the artwork is fantastic, some just scrawled graffiti and apparently they change all the time.  We also had breakfast at a very busy cafe in Centre Place called RMB cafe – there doesn’t seem to be a website for it.  But its quick service and a massive variety of eggs to chose from.  Some shots of the artwork I took below:


Saved the best dinner till last – the pièce de résistance.  A whole new cuisine and continent tonight – Japanese Tepanyaki.  After walking through Chinatown we came upon the Ginza and luckily for us they had places for three.  I say places and not table as you share with others – up to 24 a square with the two chefs in the middle.  Even though it was on the pricey side the entertainment value was worth it.  It was a very noisy restaurant but with people’s laughter as the chefs performed like actors on a stage.
Firstly you chose your set from the menu, then a waitress comes and puts a large white bib around you with your set number on so the chefs know what to feed you.  It all starts very civilly with a bowl of miso soup, but then watch out as you are asked to open your mouth to start catching your food, then you have to catch eight bowls, then a bowl of rice and finally for the chosen one have an omelette fired at you like bullets.  I highly recommend this place for a great night out – although not on a first date!

Maddie trying to catch her food!

Melbourne I will be back to try out some more of your fantastic restaurants and the many sights you have to offer!

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