🏝 Perfect Paradise at Pelangi Beach Resort, Langkawi, Malaysia 🏝

After checking out of the Tanjung Rhu at lunchtime we took a 30 minute ride to our next destination, Pelangi Beach Resort. We first stayed here 30 years ago so it would be interesting to see how it had changed. When we arrived we found the main lobby was under renovation and everyone was checking in at The Grand Ballroom. As we were early for our check in someone came to take our booking details and soon disappeared. It was like Grand Central Station there and it was hard to identify our check in lady, they were all wearing long grey robes with head coverings and masks. We were told to come back in 2 hours, so we set off to explore and have lunch. It did seem like there was some organisation to the chaos though.

We were given a map and saw how enormous the resort was. We followed the track down to the sea front to have lunch there. There were buggies driving past us every five minutes or so if you didn’t fancy walking.

I did have a few plans of things to see and do but after walking around and seeing the pools and the beach, they were put on the back burner.

There were two pools, one was more set up for children and the other had a swim up pool bar. Surprisingly neither were ever that busy. There were always plenty of sun loungers to be had by the pool and the beach.

Breakfast was served both in the air conditioned Grand Ballroom or outside on a small patio. Both had full buffet service with two egg stations. We tended to linger a fair while over breakfast as it was so relaxing.

Then it was off to find a sun lounger on the beach. It was such a treat to be able to pick and choose where we would like to sit, as there were so many empty spots. We did swim in the sea a few times until we saw a jelly fish sign and did not want to end up at a doctors or in hospital again! So after that we just enjoyed the view and swam in the pool.

The accommodation is comprised of two storey “Kampung” style architecture complete with a deck or balcony. They either have a garden, pool or sea view. We had a garden view with a two minute walk to the pool. There was a small sitting area and enormous bathroom and kingsize bed.

Just opposite our block was a children’s farm and when we walked to breakfast in the morning we could hear turkeys gobbling, geese honking and ducks quacking. There was even a goat. All the grounds were beautifully manicured with blossoming flowers, trimmed hedges and large palm trees giving off plenty of shade. Lizards and squirrels were running around everywhere you looked.

Such a friendly chap, the goat was quite friendly too

The two ornamental lakes in the middle of the resort.

In the evenings we walked into the main drag of Pentai Cenang. Here there were many restaurants, bars and shops. Duty free is very good here also. Our first night we found an Italian/Mexican/Indian combined, a great idea after Covid to save on expenses. Life seemed to be well on the way back to normal and the places on either side of the road were buzzing with life.

One night we ventured further down into Pentai Cenang to a place called The Cliff. An overhanging bar where you could look down on the beach and enjoy a fabulous sunset.

As Malaysia have daylight saving there was still so much activity on the beach at 7.30 pm.

We could enjoy sunset cocktails at the beachside bar at Pelangi Beach Resort also.

We had such a fabulous four days at Pelangi Beach Resort, relaxing and unwinding. Hopefully we won’t be waiting 30 years to return again.

Selamet Tinggal, Langkawi


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