🌻 A Morning at Sunflowers Animal Farm, Burnside, Margaret River, WA 🌻

It was a very early start to the day, as both babes had been up since 5.30 am! So we were all out before 9 am for our drive to the farm. Dear husband had declined to come but would meet us later for lunch.

Sunflowers Farm is home to 350 animals and there are many you are able to pat, cuddle and feed. It seemed quite expensive to me but a lot of these animals are rescues and need medical treatment. The buckets of food are extra on top of the entrance fee. Our little Lachie was a bit nervous about patting any animals and was happy to just look.

Elena was in her element as she loves all kinds of animals.

Happy as pigs in mud!

As we walked past this King of the Walk, he suddenly put on a show for us and displayed all his fine jewels.

I’m not sure who were the greediest, the kangaroos or the goats

Laurence was the only one brave enough to feed this big bird!

Lachie in his happy place

There were lots of groans as I kept making everyone pose in different spots.

We spent around two hours here, but you could easily spend longer taking your own picnic and taking your time walking around. There is no cafe so bring your own drinks. Also no gift shop which made a nice change!

If you are ever down in this region of WA I would definitely recommend a visit especially if you have young children.



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