🌧 From one week to the next ⛅️

Some magnificent trees for Becky’s TreeSquares – opposite my house. One in the rain taken from inside the garage! The other in the sun – one week apart. I love looking at these trees especially when I’m ironing.

Same but different

We have been having some very wet and stormy weather here in Perth, WA. The roads have been turning into small rivers as the drains don’t seem to be able to cope. Many of my neighbours have had flooding in their garages. We are not used to so much rain!


  1. Fabulous contrasting #TreeSquares – and so much rain. Good in some ways I guess although shame it doesn’t arrive slowly rather than all at once!

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  2. Sitting here listening to the thunder and awaiting another rainstorm I can almost feel the rain in your road as you stand admiring your trees while doing the ironing. I look out occasionally to make sure I’ve tied down all that needs tying down but am saddened at the sight of my cucumbers that haven’t yet recovered from the last onslaught. I’m rapidly losing the will to fight back!

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