Even a Broken Clock is right twice a day! 🕰

I recently read a post by Anabel at the Glasgow Gallivanter all about clocks and clock towers and suggested that she should create a challenge. She has written some interesting facts which you can read on the link. I thought I would check my archives once again as I haven taken a fair few photos on my travels.

The former Kowloon Canton Railway Clock Tower. The railway station was open from 1916 until 1975 and the building later demolished. The clock tower was left standing after protests from The Heritage Society of Hong Kong. It is now a declared monument.

Royal Arcade, Melbourne. The most famous feature, the carved mythical figures of Gog and Magog, flanking Gaunt’s clock, which triggers the arms of the figures to strike bells each hour. There is a fascinating history behind Gog and Magog which can be found in the link.

St. Mary’s Church, Ely built in the 13th century with the tower added in the 14th century.

Albany Town Hall, Western Australia. The clock was started on 15 April 1891 at 3pm and made by William Potts of Leeds, England. Albany is the oldest settled town in Western Australia.

The iconic Spanish Bay Rolex Clock at Pebble Beach Golf Course, Monterey, California
I took this photo when we stopped here for lunch on our trip around the 17 Mile Drive in 2015.



  1. Those are fabulous! And very exotic, some of them. Your title got me thinking about time again, because these days that isn’t always true – so many 24-hour digital clocks. I remember reading somewhere that many younger people can no longer tell the time on a clock with a face! Thanks for linking.

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