8 June 2017

Hooray the sun is shining.  We have a lot to accomplish today.  So after a sumptuous breakfast overlooking Mt. Sakurajima, we drove to the car ferry to catch ferry over to the island.


View from the hotel.

On the ferry over there was a tv crew making a documentary about foreigners travelling around Japan.  We were their perfect candidates.  There was also a group of young scouts who were very keen to practice their English on us – very cute.  Such a nice ride over – very relaxing.  Mt. Sakurajima

Very confusing as you drove off the ferry as to which way to turn.  So we just followed our noses!  There’s lots to see on this island, so many lookouts and a museum.  There are also numerous steps to climb!

Just off the other side of the island we drove not too far along the coast road and found a public thermal hot spring to rest our weary legs.


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