After another bus trip on the great Flix bus we were set down somewhere in Porto!  Anthony and I had a heated discussion whether to taxi or bus to our apartment.  According to my satnav it was around 20 minutes walk and as there were no taxis in sight – Anthony won.  So off we set over the cobblestones with our wheelie cases.  Eventually found our apartment after taking many wrong turns.  It actually looked like it was at the back of a restaurant! But the way Porto is built – tier like -it was on top of the restaurant at the back through an arch and up some stairs.  Fantastic apartment – somewhat dated but the view over the Douro River made up for this.



Cute door to our apartment on the 3rd floor.

Fantastic views from our balcony.

There was a great restaurant right next door owned by our landlady’s brother.

Porto is such a bustling lively city, so much going on and we both really enjoyed our two days here.  There was so much to see and do – two days barely scratched the surface.

The next two days were spent walking and exploring, eating and drinking.

So many stairs to climb.

Some of the Cathedral below and various random shots of the walkways and stairways




Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 1.00.32 PM

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We also visited one of the famous “Porteries” where they make the port that Porto is famous for.  Great tour with lots of tastings.


Found a great wine bar after overlooking the river and were lucky enough to see a once a year procession of the saints.


The following are just shots of around Porto.


Some of the above are the beautiful mosaics inside Porto Railway Station.  I stood for ages just looking at the details of these tiles.

And thats all folks of our fantastic drive through Spain and Portugal.