☀️ Family Fun in the Sun – Sanur, Bali ☀️

We’ve recently returned from a fun filled week in Sanur, Bali. It was wonderful that we could all be there, a great family reunion. Originally I had booked a place in Seminyak, but after looking at reviews I really wanted a place where the beach was more child friendly.

I had booked us all rooms at Segura Village Hotel, which was right on the beach. Checking in at Perth airport was not as bad as I thought, there is an app you have to download and you need to show vaccination certificates. On arrival at Denpasar you need to buy visas. This rule was brought in again earlier this year.

After we had collected our luggage I looked for our driver which I had organised through Booking.Com. I thought I had got quite a bargain, but you get what you pay for! Our driver’s van was literally on its last legs and the exhaust falling off, it’s a wonder we didn’t all pass out from carbon monoxide poisoning.

As soon as we had checked in we headed to the pool to join Laurence and Maddy who were already five cocktails in!

As you can see it was evening before we decided to get out

Over the next week we relaxed and unwound either at the pool or the beach. The beach in Sanur is probably one of the more child friendly beaches in Bali. The tide has to be fairly high for a proper swim.

How elegant, Anthony said I should try this to improve my posture!

The hotel was set in lush tropical gardens and had two beautiful pools and a small baby pool with a slide.

I preferred the smaller pool surrounded by rocks and palms, it seems like the resident ducks did also.

The winding path to our room. We had the upstairs room.

Sanur has a 7km boardwalk all along the beach, I thought I would be walking off my buffet breakfast everyday, but found it was far too hot! Not for Anthony though who went for long walks every day, he loves the heat. Also the ladies from the shops are extremely persistent. I know they have been struggling for the last two years and we did buy a few items from them, but they did tend to hound you and even wait while you had lunch to corner you on the way back!

Dinners were either at the hotel or along the beach. As both Lachie and Rosie had long afternoon naps they were able to join in the fun.

We all love visiting Bali as it’s such an easy trip from Perth. A three and a half hour flight with no time difference. It’s reasonably priced and there’s so much to do. We had a couple of trips to a safari park and waterfalls (more posts!).

We’ll be back again next year, until then…


  1. Lovely Alison for you all to spend time together. We visited Bali in 2019 and I had mixed feelings about it with taxi drivers keeping hounding us as we walked along and shopkeepers wanting us to buy things. Really wished we’d gone on to Perth but the hotel was nice and we made the best of it.

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    • I don’t think I can do that many cocktails now those days are long gone 😅
      It was a good break for sure, Lachie has told all his friends he’s going back next week

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  2. What a fabulous trip with your family! I knew nothing about Bali until I read your post, but it sure looks beautiful. The resort you stayed at appears to be nothing short of amazing. You have a beautiful family and darling grands. Happy summer to you, Ali!

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  3. Oh my goodness! what a fabulous family reunion!
    Love the smiles and all the beautiful captures in stunning surroundings. Glad it was a good time (despite the hesitant start – getting through immigrations/customs, and the rickety ride).

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