The Last of Penang – Day Five

There wasn’t meant to be a day five here, but here we are! Today is our 31st Wedding Anniversary, I had planned to be celebrating with my dear husband on the beach but instead had breakfast and lunch by myself. On the positive side Anthony did feel well enough to take a walk along the esplanade in the early evening.

We decided to have an early dinner right in the grounds of Fort Cornwallis, at a restaurant called Kota, luckily there was a “healthy vegetable broth” on the menu for Anthony. Fort Cornwallis is now under construction and there are plans to rebuild it exactly as it was in 1786 complete with a surrounding moat.

Captain Francis Light

Captain Francis Light greeted us at the front of the restaurant.

Queen Victoria Clock

This clock was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 and stands sixty feet tall. One foot for every year of her reign.

Last photos of our trip below

This is Beach Street Fire Station built in 1908. A beautifully restored Edwardian style building.

Penang Town Hall

Another Edwardian style building built in 1903 by the British

Peranakan Mansion

A typical home of a rich Chinese family over a century ago. Many years ago we did take a tour inside. It has been kept in exquisite condition and over 1,000 antiques are on display inside.

Apart from the drama with my dear husband, we enjoyed being back in Penang. Staying at The Prestige Hotel was a real treat and the Malaysian people were just so kind through the whole stay.

Next stop – Langkawi!


  1. Ali, we’re so glad to hear that Anthony is feeling better. Congratulations on your 31st anniversary, but we’re sorry you had to spend it by yourself. Your photos of the colorful city of Penang have given us a feel for what it is like to visit there. I (Kellye) found the quaint red and white fire station particularly interesting. The fire stations where we live certainly aren’t that charming! We look forward to your posts from Lankawi, and we will send good vibes your way for no more road bumps!

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  2. Hey Ali, so happy that things are going your way… hubby has recovered and you’re celebrating your 31st anniversary 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Happy Anniversary ❤️❤️

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