🍻 A Cheeky Monkey Lunch 🍻

During our stay in Dunsborough we visited two breweries for lunch. This region is well known for breweries and wineries. It was hard to choose between so many but we knew it must have a playground!

The first place we went to was Cheeky Monkey Brewery, very apt I thought as we were taking two cheeky monkeys with us. It was just a fifteen minute drive from the house and we had a booking at 12pm.

It was situated in Wilyabrup and had a large lake which you could walk around. The playground was awesome, featuring a fort and a log bridge.

We ate by the lake, so Lachie could run around but as there was a small river next to us he couldn’t do so on his own!

Sampling a few beers and wines

Enjoying the playground

Crossing the log bridge, my heart was in my mouth! But he made it

The wonderful flowers on display around the lake

Cheeky Monkey Brewery was a good choice and we all had a great time, eating, drinking, playing and walking around the lake. I love these family friendly breweries where they cater for everyone.


  1. I’m not a beer drinker so the place would have no attraction for me but I can see how it is ideal for families. Those lunch portions were enormous. How did you get through it all! Glad the monkeys enjoyed their day out – they certainly look a happy duo.

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    • No I’m not a beer drinker either Mari but the men were and also Maddy likes a beer. I think the attraction is the place itself, with wonderful views
      Always large portions in Australia πŸ˜‚


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