A Barnacle or three on a House Boat

Something for Cee’s Midweek Madness, starting or ending with E.

I came across this house boat this morning while out for my exercise. Sitting in the river with a barnacle or three attached. Sadly unredeemable, but once someone’s home. The sky was smoke filled due to a recent bush fire.


  1. That is interesting Alison and I would love to know the story behind the picture. There used to be a houseboat moored in Matilda Bay years ago. If it is the same one, it would spend most of the summer at Rotto but finally the board decided they couldn’t leave it tied up to the Army jetty for so long.

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    • It only arrived this week, and has been towed up the river from some yacht club, they were going to demolish it today I think. I had to have a closer look as I couldn’t work out what it was 😄


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