Touring Tasmania – Stanley

By the time we had reached our hotel in Stanley it was past 7.30 pm. The reception was closed so I headed into the bistro attached to the hotel. It was noisy, lively and full. One of the bar staff checked us in and gave us a key to our room. When I asked about the possibility of dinner, she said they were completely full and the only other option was the seafood restaurant down in the harbour. She kindly made a quick phone call and booked us a table, last orders were at 8pm.
Not sure of our bearings we drove the two minute drive!

A view of the setting sun through the window and hubby’s dinner

The Stanley Hotel where we were staying for two nights. We had a wonderful room with a sea view

The next morning we walked just a few minutes up the road to a lovely little cafe Touchwood, where we had breakfast with a sea view. Most places in Stanley would give you a sea view.

Breakfast for two

After breakfast and a walk through Stanley, we headed to The Nut. I wanted to take the chairlift up and hubby wanted to walk, but I said he had to come with me and could walk later!

The Nut Chairlift was designed and manufactured in Austria It traverses a distance of 250 meters, rising 95 meters. After a leisurely five minute ride to the top of The Nut, you can explore the plateau, soak up the incredible views and take advantage of the superb photographic opportunities. Source: The Nut Chairlift. The Nut is the remains of an ancient volcanic plug with a large, mostly flat surface that can be circumnavigated on foot (hence its original name, Circular Head). 

Going Up
Going down

I think this is a crocus, growing out of the rocks

Stanley is such a peaceful little town and so well kept. It reminded me of places in Devon and Cornwall with its quaint harbour, shops and cottages.

Down by the harbour

The lighthouse above was used in the filming of “The Light Between the Oceans”

Later that afternoon we drove out to Highfield House and also stopped at Anthony’s Beach. Hubby’s namesake!

Hubby on his own beach

We both loved Stanley and had a fabulous two nights here. I guess because of Covid many places have shut down, leaving limited options for eating out at night. We had dinner on both nights at Hersey’s Seafood and enjoyed the food and especially the wine!

Touring Tasmania – Sheffield, Town of Murals

I was very excited to see this town, a whole place dedicated to murals. I find murals very intriguing as there is so much to see in them. Like an outside art gallery. It is the mural capital of Australia and it is modelled on a similar place in Canada. As we were still driving…


  1. Stanley looks amazing, and by this post I really felt I was there. Thank you for the amazing read.
    Stay Safe&Smart 💕

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  2. Alison, loved all the insight into Stanley and breakfast looked perfect for a touring kind of day. I’m putting this town on my bucket list.

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