A Still Life of Green Veggies 它

I had a bit of fun while cooking dinner last night. One for Jude for his Life in Colour and also Dr. B and his Challenge your Camera – Still Life

Here we have:

Bitter marrow – hubby’s favourite. Steamed and then stir fried with black bean sauce.

Zucchini – Chopped and coated with olive oil and oregano and roasted in the oven.

Suger Snap Peas – Peeled and stir fried with garlic, soy sauce, mirin and sesame seed oil.

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  1. Well aren’t you the healthy household with all your greens!! I love the fact that you got 2 challenges in for the price of one!! I never came across bitter marrow either – I’m sure its nicer than it looks!!!

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  2. What a clever idea for a green still life! I’ve not had bitter marrow either but reading your comments above I’m not in a hurry to try it. And I don’t like sugar snap peas so it’s zucchini for me please

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  3. I applaud your hubbie for liking bitter melon. I love it myself, but even I have to counter it’s bitterness with a savory meat filling or stir fry. It’s too much on its own. A very acquired taste. I keep telling my hubby, after you eat bitter melon everything else tastes sweet. An argument which hasn’t suaded him yet

    Do you/he grow it at home? Do you know that you can use it and make a tea? Though, if you don’t like the fruit, you’ll abhor the tea

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  4. Such a fun composition for both challenges, Ali!
    And I can see some exciting stirfrys happening here. We love bitter marrow as well (we call it bittergourd in Singapore). Our favourite version is not very healthy but so delicious: it is cut into thin rings, battered and deepfried.

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