Challenge your Camera – Churches ⛪️

This week Dr. B has set the challenge as churches, both inside and out. Photos can also include temples, mosques, cathedrals etc. Captions should be included under each photo with name and place and of course a pingback to Dr. B.

A Gallery of Churches from around the World

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

It’s amazing when you look at all these striking buildings how intricate the detail was. It must have taken years to build some of them. There must have been so much wealth around and all poured into buildings.



  1. That’s a heck of a collection, we must have an identical fascination with these buildings. The photo of your son under his ancestor is very interesting, I can’t quite read all of it …. ships in the 1700s?

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  2. And they were just the chosen few! I’m not religious but do love an old church
    Will have to ask my hubby about the history of the shrine/tomb/plaque!


    • No I didn’t was just a very quick stop ..we had been for an overnight stay in Mepham as my hubby wanted a car part 😂 and the garage was nearby
      Carried all the way back to Perth

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  3. I was tempted by your post to join the challenge (another great time-waster looking through old photos when I should be doing something else). Your pix are marvellous. I love the dark skies and the clouds over St Paul’s.

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