Murals around Perth

Perth is certainly keeping up with Melbourne regarding street art, I snapped a few the other day while in town. I looked up some quotes to go with these images.

“As you climb your ladder of success, reach down and pull others along with you” – Frank Sonnenburg

“I have weathered the storm, I have beaten out my exile.” – Ezra Pound

Feathers appear when angels are near

“You don’t needs words to tell stories, just look into my eyes” – Madhusmita Behera


  1. Hi Ali, thanks for contacting me. I’ve sent you instructions on how you can follow my blog. Hope you will also take part in Monday Murals which goes online at midnight Sunday to Monday.
    I’ve added your blog to the blogs I follow as well.
    Your dogs are cute, I have 3 older cats 🙂 Sami


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