My A to Z Travel Challenge – Y is for Yufu and Yoshinocho, Japan – 🇯🇵

Yufu and Yoshinocho are both located in the Kyushu Islands of Japan. Situated in the Southwest of Japan.


These are some of the photos I took on our trip to Japan a few years back. We visited Yufuin Onsen Village one afternoon, famous not only for its hot springs and holy shrine, but also art galleries and museums.

We had a fabulous afternoon here, a bit touristy, but a glimpse into village life.


On the same trip we spent a morning at Sengan-En Gardens, located in the Yoshinocho district, Kagoshima. Sengan-en is a traditional garden and stately home built by the 19th head of the Shimadzu family, Mitsuhisa, in 1658. We couldn’t visit the house as it was being used for filming. There are some lovely gift shops here selling local artwork and sweets. This is also where the famous Satsuma Kiriko glassware is sold, unique to Sengan-en and made at the glassworks next door.

The traditional red door, only affordable to the very rich

Water images from around the gardens

Handsome Hubby ❤️

We had a wonderful morning here in these beautifully maintained gardens. It would be fun to watch scenes being filmed.

Thanks for reading, until next time!


    • Thanks Jonno. It wasn’t high on my list but I was very surprised by everything, especially the European history. I think we’ll visit again one day.
      Hope you are well and off the sofa

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