All Kinds of Roses – ๐ŸŒน

Different kinds of roses for Becky’s Kindasquares from the beautiful Peace Memorial Rose Garden in Nedlands, Western Australia, dedicated to the memory of lives lost in war.

I’m actually not sure if these are the names of the roses! But they all look very similar to the images I looked up!

โ€œIf you know how to make people happy with a single look, then you are a rose! If you know how to hurt people with a single touch, then you’re a thorn!โ€ย 
โ€•ย Mehmet Murat ildan

Which one are you?


  1. My favourite flower. I keep photographing the roses in my garden as they bloom and then fade. The last few are struggling away there now, but just when I think I’ve seen the last rose of summer another bud opens when we get a day’s sunshine.

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