Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge : Pets and some for Becky’s KindaSquares

Zac and Rufus

These are my two fur boys, the most naughtiest and playful dogs you could ever find. Forever getting in trouble, chasing bikes and even knocking the postman over. They are definitely two of a kind!

I’ve had a bit of fun with PhotoScape on my Mac with colour popping, black and white and sepia.



Zac is six years old and Rufus is four and both are rescue dogs. We’re not sure of Zac’s background but we know that Rufus was very badly treated when we rescued him at a year old, all skin and bone. He’s like a little piglet now. They love each other to bits and egg each other on all the time.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge and Becky’s KindaSquares for October


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