My A to Z Travel Challenge – Quang Nam Province, Vietnam 🇻🇳

Quang Nam Province is where the Unesco World Heritage town of Hoi An is situated. It is a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese and French style buildings. Hoi An sits on the banks of the Thu Bon River and there are many waterways around the area.
We have stayed in Hoi An twice before and visited on a number of other occasions while staying in Da Nang. It gets busier with each year and there is hardly any room to move crossing over the little bridge.

The two hotels we stayed in were just outside of the small town, Hoi An Historic Hotel and Hoi An Beach Hotel. Early evening is the best time to go into Hoi An Ancient Town as it’s a bit cooler then, although not much!

Fishing for the daily catch, views from our balcony

An Bang Beach

The beds are so close, no social distancing here! Crawling from the bottom is the only way to lie on them! No secrets are safe here.

Restaurants and Bars in the walking area of Hoi An

Bikes and doors

Views of the other side of Hoi An

My nightly cocktail – Pina Colada

Hoi An is such a wonderful place to visit but so many places in Vietnam are. It is one of my favourite countries to visit.

My A to Z Travel Challenge: H is for Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam🇻🇳

Hanoi Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, where we spent four days a few years ago.  Hanoi was not a place that interested me as I had heard it was quite industrialised due to the influence of communism.  However it was somewhere where Anthony wanted to visit, and I can’t always have my own way!  After…


    • Well it all depends which end you visit as Vietnam is very different in the North in January to the South. We have been to Phan Tiet in Jan and that’s hot but Hanoi in Jan is cold. We went in May and June I believe’s best to check on a website where is best to go at the time of year you want to go. I also used an E visa website to get a visa it’s worth paying a bit more to have someone do it for you.

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  1. I found Hoi An to be a lovely place, as long as you’re prepared mentally for the crowds. I remember that covered bridge which was so packed with people! As i recall though, it was possible to choose your times and avoid the worst of the crowds.. maybe when everyone went to the beach 😉 I loved the old town for its colorful houses and interesting history as a shipping port


  2. I agree, I love Vietnam. I don’t suppose I’ll ever get back there now (age and mobility problems) but the memories will always remain with me. I loved Hanoi, wasn’t overly keen on Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An and Danang were magical. I think I spent more money in that country on souveniers in one holiday than I spent in years in other countries. The quality of workmanship was so outstanding and the artistic work on paintings and embroidery was extraordinary. Loved your pictures.

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  3. Lovely photos of Hoi An, lovely to see these! we should have been there last March but covid forced us to cut our trip short and unfortunately had to fly back to England from Hanoi, such a shame. Anyway, we hope to continue with our trip early next year.

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