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My post for “Six Word Saturday

Crossing the Oresund Bridge

The Oresund Bridge gained fame from the Scandi Noir series, The Bridge. One of my favourite TV shows featuring the quirky Saga Noren. After our trip to Gothenburg we decided to head over to Copenhagen and I was very excited to take the bus which would involve driving over the bridge.

The Oresund Bridge is a combined railway and motor bridge and spans 8 kilometres between Malmo and Copenhagen. It goes through the manmade island of Peberholm, which is home to hundreds of species of animals and plants.

It takes around five hours to travel by bus from Gothenburg to Copenhagen compared to 4 1/2 hours by train. However I think you get to see more from the bus.

Do you prefer bus or train travel when travelling overland?


  1. As a fan of The Bridge – and all the Scandi-noir films – I must do this journey next time I’m in Gothenburg. I’m still trying to get my nephew to take me to Ystad where the Wallender films were set, the bridge may be an easier trip.

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  2. The Bridge is not only beautiful to see from the coast of Denmark, but an amazing piece of engineering. I love the way it just disappears into the sea! Incredible! Big fan of the Scandi TV series too, as I mentioned to Mari! I have just been watching the latest on SBS on demand. A Danish offering this time.

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