A Bird’s Eye View

My first entry for July Square Perspectives hosted by Becky from The Life of B.

This cheeky magpie took a biscuit straight from my friend’s fingertips and then came back for more!

It’s definitely been a challenge trying to make a square photo! Does anyone have any tips on how they did their squares?


  1. What a fabulous first entry. He’s definitely got the right perspective on life!

    By the way wow did you square it in the end? Did you use tiled gallery? So sorry I cannot help more but as I explained in email I square them all before I post.


  2. Thanks for your comment! It took me a while ..I went back to classic but it seems that is going soon so I keep reading. Classic is just so much simpler


  3. Not my favourite birds but very photogenic. I’m still a classic user but know that I need to get started with Gutenberg at some stage. Still putting that off at the moment.

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  4. Great first square! The Magpie was a tricky bird for me last September when we went to Montana. Every shot was on point in my viewfinder, but once I looked at them, everything is in focus except the bird. 15-20 photos of that bird and none came out. I have a love-hate relationship with the Magpie. 🙂


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